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  • How long is one lesson?
    Every lesson would take 60 minutes.
  • Will my child finish the artwork in one lesson?
    Over 90% of the craft for 4-8 years old would take 2 lessons to complete.
  • Does my child get to bring the artwork home?
    Absolutely yes! Please do note that every artwork would typically take 2 lessons to complete.
  • Is there storytelling?
    Yes! We always start our classes with story telling in Mandarin. The story typically will be related to the craft that we will be attempting to make.
  • Do you offer trial classes?
    We do! Please sign up for the trial classes by contacting us via our trial form in the 'Schedule' page. Alternatively, you can WhatsApp or email us at
  • Do I get to sit in with my child during lessons?
    Only for the first class if your child is uncomfortable but we highly recommend you to drop off your child and leave them with us!
  • How much is the trial class?
    Our trial classes run for two consecutive weeks at a discounted rate of $80.
  • Do I know what my child will be crafting?
    We will update parents with our curriculum ahead of classes and would typically have monthly themes. Some examples are Mother's Day, Father's Day, Artist of the Month and National Day Month to name a few.
  • Does my child need to bring anything for the class?
    All materials will be provided by us.
  • What if my child is not fluent in the Mandarin language?
    Not to worry! We have students of different levels of fluency in the Mandarin language (including those without prior exposure to the language). We will always translate when required, depending on each individual needs. Some of our students are foreigners that do not speak Mandarin at home and it is exactly why parents want to send them to our Arts School so that they can learn the language the fun way! Look up on our google reviews for proof that the kids have picked up the language best when it is not something that is forced upon them, and when it is in an immersive environment such as ours.

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