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Hello! We are Symond and Pei Li, and we are a husband-and-wife team who are also full-time parents to our two girls, Brooklyn & Sierra.


The school started out more as something of a “survival” when we were stuck at home with 2 young children during Singapore’s circuit breaker in 2020.


Pei Li started conducting more experiments and crafts with our girls and then posting it on social media. We started getting inquiries from friends if we were interested in making Art kits and this proceeded to having a very small “Art” class with our friend’s kids and by word of mouth, the number of students increased.


Pei Li also grew up in a Chinese-speaking home and always appreciated how languages are such an important skill set in life. She was first inspired by Symond’s friend who only spoke to his child in Mandarin and was so impressed with how well versed the child was in the language. She spoke eloquently in Mandarin and also excelled in other languages, namely English as most of her friends were conversing in English.


When we became parents, we realized how many other parents were defaulting to the English language when raising their kids. Knowing how many children struggle with Mandarin here in Singapore made us realize that we had to make a change. 


Pei Li is obviously the creative brains and hands of the school whilst Symond focuses on the operational and people side of the business. A question that we always get is why are our classes conducted in Mandarin and did Pei Li study Arts in College?


Well, Pei Li’s dad was a carpenter and she grew up living in an environment where creativity was an everyday affair. Living at home with furniture crafted and made with love by Pei Li’s Dad spurred her love for arts and crafts. I guess she owes it to him for passing down some of his artistic genes!


Her passion became a reality when she set up an Events Styling and Paper Flower & Crafts company a few years back.


So fast forward to today, Pei Li communicates, teaches and plays in Mandarin whilst Symond does it in English to their two girls. We are proud to say that they are effectively Bilingual and most importantly they do not take Bilingualism as something that is a chore but rather just a normal part of life!


It is our passion to be able to transfer some of the knowledge that we have gained. It is certainly proof that our children's young minds have an astounding ability to absorb and learn languages through fun activities like arts and crafts!

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Our Story

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